NWC-PIPI recognizes the importance of a consistent customer presentation in a thorough, mistake-free and efficient manner. Several tools are available to assist your finance department in working with customers and in tracking performance throughout the month. These tools are free to all registered NWC-PIPI dealerships and are supported by NWC-PIPI technical staff via phone and online live remote assistance.

  • InSite

    INsite, our web-based platform, is integrated with the most popular Dealer Management Systems (DMS). The direct integration with your DMS and INsite’s intelligent quoting engine means that nearly 99.99% of submitted contracts will be underwritten as remitted. The integrated dashboard reports place real-time analytics at your fingertips. Inspect what you expect by measuring F&I performance on a daily basis.

  • F&I Menu-Maker

    The online color menu is fully customizable to your dealership’s offerings and can be integrated to your DMS system. Create and save profiles for faster menu creation. The menu also features an OFAC terrorist name check and a disclosure page ensuring all customers are able to acknowledge their product presentation.

  • Electronic F&I Log Sheet

    This tool tracks and logs every deal electronically. It allows for quick and accurate measurement of finance department productivity relating to product sales and penetration results. The log sheet is also available in a stand-alone spreadsheet version (.xls).

  • DMS Integration for Reynolds & Reynolds and ADP

    DMS integration helps you save time by avoiding double entry. With this system, deal information can be pulled directly into the F&I Menu Maker and F&I Log Sheet. DMS integration is provided at no additional cost to NWC-PIPI licensed dealerships.

  • VSC Rating System

    The VSC Rating System automatically calculates the cost of NWC service contracts for specific vehicles. The system is integrated into the Menu Maker system and works for both DMS and non-DMS integrated menus. Smart design helps eliminate vehicle/class/eligibility errors and saves valuable time.

  • OFAC / SDN List Check

    The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions against targeted foreign countries, terrorists and international narcotics traffickers. The OFAC/SND List Check lets you search the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN) automatically from the F&I Menu Maker or OFAC Check tool. This tool provides an easy way to comply with OFAC requirements.

  • Production Report Viewer

    The Production Report Viewer allows you to view your monthly production reports 24/7. These web-based reports allow your dealership to track finance department results and better ensure consistent productivity.

  • Refund Estimator

    The Refund Estimator tool quickly calculates NWC product refunds, allowing for timely and accurate information when working with your customers. Integration with the entire NWC database allows for quick and easy searches of existing contracts.