Dealer Development

NWC-PIPI is proud to provide all-inclusive aftermarket solutions as well as a dedicated and knowledgeable team focused on continuously improving the F&I operations of our partnered dealerships.  We offer industry leading dealer income development services to support our dealer partners in consistently achieving their desired levels of F&I performance levels.

Advantage Plus

This customer retention program includes a prepaid maintenance option and allows dealers to provide points to their customers based on the amount spent at the dealership. These points can then be tracked and applied to future purchases. Customers could also receive a benefits pack at the time of purchase that includes featured items, such as tire repair, oil changes and other free incentives.

Income Development Services

This is the heart and soul of what sets NWC-PIPI apart from the competition. We are not just “agents” providing our policies and contracts, but rather we work in the stores to assist the F&I managers in becoming more productive. We work to move their numbers and improve their product penetrations. We train them on a successful and consistent selling process including how to present a menu and overcome customer objections.

VSC Online Training

Our service contracts are able to be rated online. An F&I manager can input the vehicle’s mileage and VIN into the online rater, and it will immediately display all eligible term/coverage options along with the accurate cost of the vehicle service contract. This is built into our F&I menu to save time and ensure accuracy.

GLS Secondary Financing

This is a sub-prime lender that goes to market through the agent channel as opposed to having direct bankers. Unlike most sub-prime programs, GLS allows both VSCs and GAP protection to be funded in the deal.

Compliance Services

Per request from the dealership, we perform randomly-selected deal audits in select stores. These deals are audited for various requested items such as provided insurance information, etch declination forms, signed FTC labels and more. This service provides a consistent step to confirming that the dealership personnel are following a set process when selling a vehicle.

Reinsurance Co. Formation and Management

NWC-PIPI manages over 125 reinsurance companies for our dealer clients, and these are almost exclusively controlled foreign corporations (CFC). Reinsurance companies allow automotive dealers to realize underwriting and investment income opportunities on VSC and select ancillary products. This is a tax efficient method of wealth acquisition and management.

Paylink RIC

This is a financing program available to customers who choose to purchase a vehicle service contract over time. This is helpful to service VSC customers who don’t have the benefit of extended vehicle financing to complete the purchase.

Intellipayment Bi-Weekly Payment Program

This payment program takes a customers monthly payment and allows the payment to be made every two weeks. Intellipayment will lead to savings in interest charges and increased equity in the customer’s vehicle.