Dealership Trends for 2016

dealership trends for 2016Today’s auto dealers are more progressive and focused on the future than ever. With emerging technology resources frequently serving as both an asset and a disadvantage (see trend #4) for dealerships, many dealers across the country will spend most of 2016 shifting with the trends and finding new ways to integrate technology into their sales processes. Below are four trends that dealerships should consider implementing into their 2016 business processes:

#1: Social Media

Although social media marketing has been around for close to a decade, it hasn’t broken into the auto dealership industry as fully as it has others. Luckily, there is an abundance of resources for dealers who are struggling with social media effectiveness for their business. This year, focus on using social media to broaden the reach of your promotions, give your dealership a personality, and showcase your team as a tool to build trust with new and existing customers. Building a strong social media presence will do wonders for your dealership and show you’re willing to shift with the trends.

#2: Understand Your Data

You have tons of dealer, market and OEM data, and maybe you have no idea as to what to do with this information. Use this data to your advantage, and utilize analytical products to make sense of all this information and help you market more effectively. From targeting to attribution, these tools are becoming simpler to use and integrate seamlessly into content systems.  Take a look at search engine marketing (SEM) systems that takes sales, inventory, and consumer shopping data and generates ads target toward your tailored market.

#3: Integration is Domination

Gone are the days where dealership technology, such as INsite, can’t integrate to DMS, CRM or other dealer systems. The old-school “solutions” create extra work for dealers and are no longer the industry standard. You want your content moved effortlessly from channel to channel, and these messages need to adjust to multiple devices that your consumers use, especially mobile. In 2016, dealers are expected to use these products with integrated-attribution capability and reporting that shows transaction and market data.

#4: Think Mobile

In the beginning of this article, it is stated that emerging technology can be a disadvantage for dealerships. How? With the acceleration of modern technology, customers now have instant access to limitless amounts of information directly to their smartphone, and many customers trust their own research findings over a professional’s word. Bottom line is, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website or app, you instantly turn technology into a disadvantage. Think mobile and make technology your dealership’s new best friend.

When your dealership adopts these emerging trends that are becoming the new standard in dealership marketing, your dealer will more fully connect with a wide-range of audiences. From your existing customers to new prospects, these practices will strengthen their experience at your dealership and create a stronger brand image for the New Year. To learn how NWC can help your dealership in 2016, contact us today at (541) 746-2110 or