How to Sell Cars Successfully to Today’s Buyers

selling cars to today's buyersThe disconnect between today’s automotive dealer sales team and car buyer seems at times to be every growing. In some cases, car buyers will find a car on a local dealer’s website, reach out to the dealership with some questions about the car, and then receive three separate calls or emails from three different salespeople. None of the salespeople are aware that other people on their team are calling these buyers, which leads the buyer to perceive the dealership as having, at best, poor communication skills. Even worse, the salespeople are likely urging the potential customer to “come into the store and look around,” or “come in to get the best deal available in the market” before the customer has even received an answer to the initial questions they asked. Although this is a traditional sales approach, it doesn’t work well with today’s more modern car buyer.
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Dealership Trends for 2016

dealership trends for 2016Today’s auto dealers are more progressive and focused on the future than ever. With emerging technology resources frequently serving as both an asset and a disadvantage (see trend #4) for dealerships, many dealers across the country will spend most of 2016 shifting with the trends and finding new ways to integrate technology into their sales processes. Below are four trends that dealerships should consider implementing into their 2016 business processes:
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Create F&I Opportunities with Long-Term Vehicle Owners

Create F&I Opportunities with Long-Term Vehicle OwnersWith the recent advancements in today’s new cars, vehicle-ownership periods are lengthening, leaving many people out of the market for a new car. During the first three months in 2015, the average length of new car ownership was 77.8 months, which is more than 2006’s first quarter average. The used-vehicle ownership period has also increased with the average being 63 months, almost doubling the 2006 average.
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Handling Common Objections: Turning a No into a Yes

objection handlingWhen selling to customers, it’s important to realize that each person will have different feelings toward purchasing a product or service. Some customers will simply give you a flat “no,” while others will be more open to learning more about the product before making an informed decision. Their real thoughts might be masked with a, “It’s too expensive,” or “I don’t think I need it,” but they’re open. No one wants to be sold something, but every customer is willing to buy something if they see value in the product/service. Below are some very common objections and steps on how to turn the no into a yes. Read more

4 Tips to Clear Your Year-End Inventory

Clear Your Year-End InventoryIt’s almost that time of year when your dealership takes stock of its inventory and prepares for 2016. This time of year is when your dealership offers huge year-end deals and customers hope to snag one of the last 2015 models for the best prices. While the deals themselves will be a major reason why your lots will clear, there are numerous ways to ensure you have a successful holiday-selling season.  Here are some tips to help move 2015 inventory to make way for more vehicles in the New Year. Read more

Refuel Your Service Center’s Retention

 Refuel Your Service Center’s RetentionMany car buyers don’t realize that they’re spending thousands of dollars on their vehicles, just to have untrained technicians work on them. Consumers commonly believe vehicle maintenance is less expensive at a third-party repair facility. The truth is the new technology emerging in today’s vehicles requires a certified technician’s expertise and knowledge of factory replacement parts. In response to this new technology, many dealers have advanced their service department to take on these new technologies. It’s been a challenge for dealers to change consumer perceptions on choosing dealer service departments over third-party facilities, and as we all know, customer retention begins in finance. To help your dealership increase that retention, here are several best practices to ensure your F&I department is steering customers toward your service lane.
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How to Make Q4 Your Most Successful Quarter

How to Make Q4 Your Most Successful QuarterWow, where has the time gone? Another summer vacation has passed, all the kids are getting back into the swing of school days, and your dealership is preparing for the final quarter of 2015. The busy holiday season is just around the corner, which means your dealership only has about 19 weeks to hit its 2015 goals. This may seem like a lot of time, but you’ll be taking down the Christmas tree and counting down to 2016 before you know it. It’s crucial to stay focused during these busy months, and below are some easy tips to ensure you and your team have the most successful quarter of 2015.
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The F&I Handoff: How to Seamlessly Transfer Customers to Each Department

7_16If you’ve ever participated in track during high school or know anything about the sport, you understand that teamwork is one of the most crucial factors to be successful in any team event. For example, in the 400-meter relay, successfully passing the baton is just as important as your own personal performance and could even be the deciding factor as to whether you win or lose the race. Much like track, the customer handoff from the front-end sales team to the F&I team could lead to a loss in a sale if a customer-centric process is not followed effectively.

The F&I process is closely connected to the sales process. Both processes start the moment the customer steps onto the lot, and each of these two processes has some critical steps that have a dramatic effect on the total profit of the deal. Below are the best practices to effectively pass the baton between each department.
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National Warranty Corporation Selected as a 2015 Better Business Bureau Torch Award Finalist

torch award logoNational Warranty Corporation was recently selected as a finalist for the 2015 Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethical Commerce. The Torch Award is an annual award program that honors businesses committed to ethical marketplace practices. Designed to gain public recognition for businesses and organizations that maintain a solid commitment to conducting their business practices in an ethical fashion, the Torch Award is another piece of trusted credibility that the BBB offers the public.
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How to Spot and Create a VSC Enthusiast

nwc_6_16A car is a major investment for anyone, and people want to protect them so they can last for as long as possible. According to a recent research study by Assurant Solutions, there is a group of vehicle buyers who are strongly interested in vehicle service contracts (VSC). In fact, out of more than 1,800 vehicle owners surveyed, 27% said they are highly likely to purchase a VSC with their next vehicle. Who are these people that want this kind of protection? How can you make them a customer for life? How can you show the 73% of “non-enthusiasts” surveyed the true value of your VSC offering?

In this article, we’ll point out these enthusiasts and also help you bring out these “personas” in every customer that walks through your dealership’s door.
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