Does the F&I menu communicate with the dealer’s DMS system?

Yes, but only for Reynolds or ADP DMS systems. The DMS integration software requires a local software installation on each F&I computer.

How can I review old menus that I have printed?

You will need to contact NWCPIPI.COM support to retrieve any old menus.

Will the F&I menu automatically price a service contract?

Yes, but your dealership must be set up to use this function.

Can I run an OFAC check from the F&I menu?

Yes, you can also run a stand alone OFAC check from our OFAC tool.

What is a ‘profile’ in the F&I menu?

Profiles allow you to predefine car deals so you do not have to set product and package information for each deal. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to create a menu.

Can I change the disclosure statement at the bottom of the F&I menu?

Yes, your administrator can change the disclosure statement.

Can I create a 3 package menu instead of a 4 package menu?

Yes, from the “Settings” page, choose to “Hide Package 4.”

Can I show the diffrerence between the base payment and the payment that includes all the aftermarket products?

Yes, from the settings page, you can choose to display the exact payment amount, payment difference or to round up to the nearest dollar amount.

Is there any F&I menu help documentation?

Yes, from the F&I menu, choose ‘Help’ in the upper right corner of the page.